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June 5, 2015: Lake San Antonio Resort will be closing on July 1, 2015.

It is unfortunate, but we have to report that Lake San Antonio will be closing effective July 1, 2015.

Our sister lake, Nacimiento, is still thriving and there is plenty to do there.

Lake Nacimiento will be the place to recreate this summer. The lake is the largest in the central part of the state offering 2,700 acres of surface area (2,700 football fields) and 13 miles of lake and beaches. The resort has Lakeview lodges with fireplaces, plenty of camping, a full service marina, rental boats, a bar and grill, and much more. For more information please visit

We apologize for the Inconvenience.


Located south of King City, Lake San Antonio is Monterey County’s premier freshwater recreation area. Water sports are a year-round attraction in Lake San Antonio, along with camping, fishing, hiking and swimming. There are over 5,500 surface acres in which to swim, splash, float, boat or chase stripers,  bass, crappie, and catfish. Golden and bald eagles soar overhead while deer, turkey, and other wildlife wander through the hills.

Lake San Antonio offers two shores; North Shore offers 4 miles of tent and RV camping at the water’s edge, the South Shore also offers sixteen rental lodges with a view of the lake and many scenic individual and group camp sites.


Vessel Screening Permit 2013

Mussel Prevention Program 2014


Quagga/Zebra Mussel program still in effect

With low water levels in the lake, it is even more important to protect the lake and its waters by inspecting your boat for invasive plants and animals.  Each vessel is required to to have a valid Quagga Permit issued after inspection by a certified inspector.  Previous permits issued during previous inspecting either at this lake or another are not valid.  With the water levels being what they are, only kayaks, canoes and small aluminum boats are allowed on the lake.  Jet skis and larger boats are still not allowed on the water. Please view the following video for more information.

Boil Water Order Issued

Due to low lake levels, Lake San Antonio is currently on a Boil Water Order. We recommend you bring drinking water, purchase water at our General Store, or boil prior to consumption. A copy of the Order is available at the Park for review.

Marina Closure

As of October 1, 2013, the Lake San Antonio Marina is closed for the season and will be reopening when water rises back up to safe levels. For any questions, please call 805.472.2313.

The Harris creek launch ramp is closed as of Monday, Sept 30, at 8:00pm

We made great efforts and pushed the limit in an attempt to keep the last operating launch ramp at San Antonio open for public use. The staff has put in a lot of hours in moving the ramps, removing tons of mud and other debris in an effort to keep the ramp open for the public. Unfortunately we have reached a lake elevation where no amount of effort will allow us to continue to safely operate the launch ramp for public use. Read more…

Lake San Antonio Fuel

Fuel at the Lake San Antonio Marina is not available for purchase for the remainder of the summer. Fuel can be purchased onsite at Lake San Antonio at the gas pumps by the general store. The San Antonio Marina has been moved on Thursday, August 8th, to Harris Creek and all boat rentals are stationed there.


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